Register for electronic participation in the 6th AGM of shareholders

To be able to electronically participate in the AGM on Friday,
29 November 2013 at 10h00 please select one of the options below:
Conference call
Please provide your personal details so these can be verified.
Name of shareholder:
Name of representative:
Email address of representative:

In order for the Electronic Notice to be valid it must contain:
(i) if the Blue Label shareholder is an individual, a certified copy of his/her identity document and/or driver’s license and/or passport;
(ii) if the Blue Label shareholder is not an individual, a certified copy of a resolution or letter of representation by the relevant entity and a certified copy of the identity documents and/or passports of the persons who passed the relevant resolution or signed the
relevant letter of representation. The letter of representation or resolution must set out who from the relevant entity is authorised to represent the entity at the AGM via electronic communication;
(iii) a valid e-mail address and/or facsimile number (“Contact address/number”); and
(iv) if the shareholder wishes to vote via electronic communication, set out that the shareholder wishes to vote via electronic communication. By no later than 24 (twentyfour) hours before the AGM the Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to notify a
shareholder at its contact address/number who has delivered a valid Electronic Notice, of the relevant details through which the shareholder can participate via electronic communication.

Should a shareholder wish to participate in the AGM by way of electronic communication as aforesaid, the shareholder, or his/her/its proxy/ies, will be required to dial-in on the date and commencement time of the AGM. The dial-in facility will be linked to the venue at which the AGM will take place. The dial-in facility will enable all persons to participate electronically in the AGM in this manner (and as contemplated in section 63(2) of the Act) and to communicate concurrently with each other without an intermediary, and to participate reasonably effectively in the AGM. The costs borne by the shareholder or his/her/its proxy/ies in relation to the dial-in facility will be for his/her/its own account.

Once registered, users will be emailed the contact number and individual pin details for the conference call or the website address and individual password details for the webcast.

Technical note:
Please note that the webcast can be heard via Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash Player. Shareholders with iPads and iPhones should preferably use the conference call facility or ensure that Flash is installed on the device of their choice. The webcast can be tested beforehand to ensure that the configuration will work as intended.